Crafty Quickie: Spooky Eyes T-Shirt

Here's a quick craft you can do with your kids for Halloween! 

googley eye craft
All it takes is a t-shirt, black acrylic paint, glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, and POTATOES!

Step One:
Select two potatoes- one large, one smaller (for the pupil).

Step Two: 
Cut the potatoes in half.

Step Three: 
Pour your acrylic paint onto a paper plate (or disposable surface). Press the potatoes into the glow-in-the-dark paint first, then stamp them onto the t-shirt in pairs. Consider stamping them tipped and wobbly to make them look silly!

Step Four:
Take your smaller potato, press it into the black paint. Stamp the pupils of the eyes in various places to make these silly eyes into googly eyes!

Step Five:
Allow to dry. Then wait until dark to check out your spooky creation! If you can't wait until nighttime, check out your finished work in a room with the lights off (be sure the windows are closed, too)!

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