Tomato Tomato Ta-Da!

Hey friends- I'm so excited to tell you about what I've been up to (including this new website). 

Quarantine has given me the time to reflect on what I truly love doing and it's given me the time to actually produce those things- kits, projects. This has blossomed into a larger and more creative product line and it's something I'm very excited about.

Shop Online on Tomato Tomato Creative!

Now you can shop directly from my website! All products are packed and shipped out by me (so you know it'll have an extra boost of love and creativity). 

You can also find my product line at local stores- supporting those independent brick and mortars in our area is more important than ever. I work with retailers who are a great fit for my products and they are stores where I would personally shop. These stores are the type of shop where you'll not only find my products, but a lot of other amazing finds that you never knew you needed!

Monthly newsletter (with digital download)

Also added- a monthly newsletter! Sign up to find out about crafttastophes, crafting experiments, behind the scenes news, new ideas, AND a digital download sent your way each month. 


Crafty Delivery!

I've also added monthly subscriptions! It's a crafty surprise you'll get sent to your door each month. 

You, my friends, have been so wonderful with your loyalty and enthusiasm. It's inspired me to create a new set of projects each month (because I couldn't just include only one) delivered to your door. 

The subscriptions come in two options: a Sticker Club for those who love all things stickers and a Paper Craft Club that offers three crafts and a sticker to keep your little one busy and have some creative downtime each month. These projects are great for all ages- it's recommended starting at two years old (with an adult helping), all the way up to a crafty-loving 10-year old. Adults can craft with them too (of course). 

I also have a new Events page where you can see where I'll be selling or teaching next. Check back occasionally for updates (or subscribe to my newsletter for timely event updates!).

Here's what you can do next:

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